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Thread: Al Golden | FSU Press Conference Tuesday October 29th

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    Al Golden | FSU Press Conference Tuesday October 29th

    Al Golden Press conference (typed live and unedited as of yet)

    On Stephen Morris, Full Go? He looked better, he's been looking better and I fully expect him to be a clean bill of health by Saturday. He looked markedly better today, which I'm excited about.

    I think he looked better this past game than he has looked. He moved better in the pocket, he looked better in terms of when we moved the pocket on him. He looks different, his personality is coming back, he's not worried about it [ankle]. There's no anguish or anything. He's starting to feel good and get back and we're excited about it.

    Injury updates Kacy Rodgers was better that I thought today, so we're going to go look at the film. But I think he's going to make it and Rashawn Scott is fine. So Rashawn, by now he should be caught up on his conditioning and everything he has no problem with his leg or understanding what we're doing on offense.

    On Limiting Stephen's reps in past weeks affecting his performance I think that's fair. I think it was a really good lesson, not just for Stephen for all of us. It doesn't matter anymore. You have to perform in practice, you have to execute and then just carry over to the game. I do want to make sure we're not making any excuses for anybody, starting with me. We have to separate the element from the decision making from the North Carolina game because even though he's still had the element (hurt ankle) he still made better decisions in the passing game. I think he swung the pendulum, as you would imagine, after four turnovers against North Carolina, I think he swung it way to the left and he just has to go out and play. And he understands the importance of protecting the ball and he's just got to go out and prepare and play.

    Victoria Hernandez (CaneINsider Intern) How is Allen's health? Allen was ahead of schedule today so we fully expect him...we're probably not going to let him get hit tomorrow but we do expect him to be able to run routes and things of that nature and that's kind of like a a hip pointer, for you guys that don't know. But I expect Allen to be markedly better tomorrow.

    On Danny Isidora and his health Again, that's all on the medical team right now. I'm as anxious as you are to cover him, I want him to play. He had such a good spring and a great summer and just had just an unfortunate accident running where he turned his foot and he needed to get surgery on that. We're being careful because of his size and because of his youth and we're just going to be prudent with that and when he's cleared we'll let you know but it doesn't look like it will be this week.

    Do you feel like Jimbo does, that the program is yours and you put a stamp on it? Had that moment where all of it is yours I don't because we've been embroiled for two years. So I wish I felt like that, I feel like we're making progress. I think clearly you have to be a program that graduates the number of kids that they graduate and yet be in the same situation they're in right now (undefeated). We're building that. A lot of people are premature in saying 'the U is back', the U is building. We have to continue to build, we have to continue to recruit. We have to continue to cultivate and get our guys in the systems and grown and mature. But I do like the direction we're going despite what we've been through. Excited about the future. If there was a moment of that, it was probably at 8:35 on Tuesday (NCAA decision week) when I felt like, 'okay, here we go!' Certainly it felt a lot better.

    I couldn't sleep on Sunday (of FSU week), I wanted to get to work so bad. And I think there's a lot of kids and coaches on this team that feel that way now because we've left that in the past now.

    Tuesday's decision and it's affect on recruiting It's two fold. Number one, our conversations are taking a different path now. All of the things that you said would come to fruition now. So that it kind of supports the trust factor that you have with those families. So that's number one and number two, you're not a sitting duck anymore. So they can say whatever they want about our football program right now but they really can't say anything about the ongoing investigation or there's going to be a death penalty or they're going to lose 30 scholarships or they're not going to go to a bowl game. All those things that I classified as toxic over the last 28 months have disappeared. We still have some things that we have to move forward with and deal with in terms of sanctions but you know at least if they're going to negative recruit or recruit against us, it's going to be able what we do on the field and it's going to be about our beautiful surroundings here, it's going to be about the weather, it's going to be about our tradition, it's not going to be about the NCAA.

    On scholarship reductions and how it will be allocated: It's an experience I'd hate to go through again. I got blindsided this is part deux (two) for me. March of my first year at Temple, we lost 9 scholarships that spring from APR (Academic Progress Rate) that happened before I got there. We know how to manage it from being involved in that. We'd do that moving forward. But I really haven't looked at the other things that we need to do, Jenning and Criag from our compliance department..they're going to sit down with me once we get away form the intensity of where we are right now in the season.

    On losing 9, was the sense that it wouldn't hurt too much?: You don't want to lose any but you accept it and move forward. You really can do anything about it. I will say that in defense of our administration and in defense of our young people who have endured this and our staff, when people say they got a slap on the risk, I take offense to that. Unless you've lived it and unless you've been here, it's hard to quantify that. It's immeasurable what these kids have given up and they've given up a lot. I'm grateful to the leadership that we've had. Not just President Shalala, Blake James but our legal council lead by Mike Aja, I think they were just phenomenal in leading us through this and because of that we got a chance to move forward Tuesday, not start the penalties.

    Get more out of close games than bigger wins this week?: It's all about you extracting whatever you can extract that's positive in each of those games. And certainly late in games overcoming adversity. Things not being perfect. All of those things, we extract. But the biggest thing is are we learning. We have learn a great deal and improve individually a lot from last Saturday to this Saturday to win in Tallahassee. To really play well and have a chance to win. We have to learn. We had a good mindset today. I think we got better today, I'm going to go look at the film and make sure the execution is where it needs to be but you cannot have breakdowns on special teams. You cannot turn the ball over or have penalties and all of those elements are factors in this game.

    Have you cracked the code on Jameis Winston yet?: I'd be worth a lot more if I could crack that code. He's playing really good football. God bless the kid, he's playing good football, he's mature beyond his years. He's directing the ball where it needs to go. His touchdown to interception ratio is phenomenal, his completion percentage is elite and he's using everybody around him. The yards per completion of the recievers and tight ends is through the roof and they have a running game to go with it and a great offensive line. It's a great challenge. It's a challenge and an opportunity. It's nothing to be nervous about or anxious about. We have to prepare and we have to have a really good game plan and then execute it against this young man because he's really talented.

    Close wins and emotional toll it takes on you as a coach: I don't know if you ever get used to it. But I will say, we're playing with poise at the end of games right now. Our guys are starting to learn how to enjoy the 'battle.' We're getting leadership in that huddle, it's Linder, Allen Hurns. Randy Duke Johnson wanted the ball. He kept saying give me the ball. I think, obviously the kids believe in Stephen and it's immaterial what has transpired before that last drive, they believe in Stephen, that he's going to win the game for them. We're getting leadership and we've got to continue to have poise and understand that there's going to be a surge in this game between the environment and how they want to attack you and we've got to be able to fight through it, have poise and we need leadership at that moment.

    Feeling when the clock goes four zeros after big game?: Uh, you know...who are we playing next week? You just keep going (exhausted look) I wish I could tell you. It's one of those deals where we've made a commitment just to stay in this bunker and work on the process everyday. You enjoy it certainly, you enjoy the victories but then you have to move on. We have a mentality right now that we're going to count them up at the end of the year and see how good we can be. It's really been one game seasons, I'm proud of our guys and how have over come adversity and they're fighting and their counter punching. But make no mistake, we're not planning to play from behind in any of these games, it's not part of the game plan.

    Longer in the office this week as coaches? It's really not a function of that. I believe in working smart, I believe in being efficient. You could stay until midnight if you want every night if you want. You have the kids only for four hours and you've got to find a way to make it simple for them. I think our staff works hard, more importantly we work efficient. We use our time really well in terms of our walk throughs and meetings.

    We have wireless capability now where the kids if they need to watch something tonight, they can watch it, we can send it to them. It's really just about everybody being locked in and being on the same page and not wasting any time. To say all of a sudden, you get to Florida State week and all of a sudden 'lets all stay to 1 a.m.' and change everything, that's not going to be the answer. We know that's not the answer. And to be honest, we had to do too much of that a year ago, not just in this game but in a lot of games. We had to try to find ways to manufacturer ways to win instead of trusting the kids and letting them go play. Certainly, a good indication of my trust level in the team is when we punted with 10 mins to go in this game [vs Wake]. Totally trusted the defense at that point, they went out 'three and out', we got the ball back. I think we scored six or seven plays later so there is a trust factor there with this team.

    Cardiac Canes? Do you buy into that: We don't talk about it. We don't. I know, I leave and you guys go 'man that guy's a fool' he doesn't think his kids see all this. I know my kids see everything you guys write, they see it, trust me. One of our biggest challenges every week is just trying to get them to focus on what we need to focus on. Whether it's that moniker (Cardiac Canes) or whtever's going on outside whether it's the NCAA or people are talking about the Florida State game last week. We've just got to get them to focus on each day. And we really need our leaders to helps us with that because we can't be there. But Don't think for a second as we preparing for last week as they were getting lunch on campus that people weren't saying 'hey you ready for wake?" Or they weren't talking about the NCAA. Or they were talking about 'hey I'm going to Tallahassee next week, can't wait. So those are the things that we're battling every day. And I'm speaking on behalf of all coaches, we're all battling that. we've got to keep our guys focused on what we're trying to do in the game, what we have to execute and certainly our preparation.

    Is this the toughest opponent you've faced?: Great question, it's a very complete team playing with a white hot quarterback right now. The quarterback's playing exceptionally well right now. The receivers can beat you deep, they can come back to the ball. They have length. A number of running backs, with Wilder back, certainly. A big time tight end. An offensive line that's vetran. A who's who on defense. Their front seven is you know, everybody in terms of just the talent and size and strength up front. Linebackers are rangy and can run. A secondary that can play man and obviously a guy like Joyer makes it all go for them. And good on special teams so you're probably right. They're the most complete team that we've seen.

    Favorite memory?: I don't have a favorite memory right now from this rivalry. Maybe just the first time being a part of it. The first game. But in general, we have selective memory in terms of losses, we try to block it out. But you know it's great to be a part of this and we want to be a part of this. And we want to continue to recruit Miami Hurricanes that want to be a part of this. I'm glad it's back in it's rightful place on a national stage.

    Did you watch wide left? Who didn't watch those games? Growing up watching them, then as I started my coaching career watching them and now we've got to stay in the moment and enjoy it. and just focus on it every day and see how good we can get this week.

    On Denzel Perryman: He's a more complete player, I think I alluded to that earlier in the season. He's studying the game more, he's working harder on the field. He's coachable. Clearly his size has made a difference in his game. He hasn't lost his explosiveness. He's 240/241 now and holding it. He's made a commitment to his nutrition, his strength. And I think it's made a different in his game. He's practicing harder. Very happy for him and proud of him and the commitment that he's made to everything that you need to do to obviously ascend to be that type of player.

    Tyrone Cornelius: He's gone to work everyday, Tyrone is much bigger than he was a year ago...he's 225. He's been able to hold his weight so he's stronger. He's always been very gifted in terms of his acceleration and in terms of his pass defense. But now he's become more of a complete player and so I'm very excited the direction that Tyrone is going and everything he's gotten, he's earned. He got the start last week and obviously we plan on starting him this week.

    Pat O'Donnell and how clutch he's been: He' been good, he's been very impressive. That kick he made at the end of the game last week was awesome. I think he netted 44 yards [per punt] had two inside the twenty and obviously he kicked four of the five kicks out of the endzone, so he's made a difference for us for sure.

    I think he should be in that [national award] conversation anyway (despite the lack of punt attempts). I think he deserves to be in that conversation. He's worked hard at his craft and he's very skilled. He's not just talented, he's skilled.

    Signals with noise similar to UNC Road Game, lessons learned?: I think it's really not a function of us doing anything different Christie in terms of saying okay, here's what we learn from that. I think it's really a lot of experience. A lot of guys are learning that 'hey you know what, I can't rely on so-and-so to tell me what formation is, I've got to see the signal. I've got to make sure this is the protection that we're running or whatever the case may be. On defense, work with either my corner or safey if I'm in the back end. So I think there are a lot of individuals that learned something from the game, how to play with poise. And understanding that one thing we know on Saturday night, that crowd is now going away. So prepare for it, and find a way to get zero'd in on two acres and a ball and execute.

    FSU running game: They're a complete team. Even Williams has been playing back there as well so they have three really good running backs. A veteran offensive line, an unselfish fullback. So, that's what makes them difficult right now. Running game, the ability to go deep and a quarterback that's making good decisions.

    On the seniors not beating FSU: All those storylines guys, I know you're doing your job but if we don't discuss any of it. At the end of the day, none of it matters. I'm not going to say two weeks ago, 'listen guys these guys have never beaten us' why would I mention it now? I'm not going to mention playing at home, playing away, I don't mention playing in the morning versus playing at night I don't mention spreads, I don't mention any of that. It's really a function of us preparing and believing what we're asking our guys to do and executing it.

    On playing freshman like Burns/Coley, is the game too big for them?: I hope it's not, we're at the point in the season where it's going to be November by the time we play. Does anyone know the date right now? I just think it's one of those deals where it's time to go play. There's no freshman anymore, it's really about doing your job and executing.

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    I have a confidence in Al & in this team. Call me crazy but I think we make it a ball game.

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    bump, finally done.

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    Thanks for that. Golden is saying all the right things, especially concerning Morris, so we'll just have to see for ourselves at game time. Hard to believe he would suddenly be over all his problems so the rest of the team will have to step up.

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