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Al Golden ‘Quiet’

On an evening when everyone in the Miami Hurricane family is trying to discern whether or not Al Golden will stay at the University of Miami even though he’s rumored to be heading to Penn State, the third year head coach is silent.  Yes, Al Golden isn’t talking to anyone except those close to him, CaneINsider has learned.

That’s from our beat writer, Brian London, who spoke to someone on Miami’s board of trustees last night. London’s report gives credence to rumors that Golden is considering taking the Penn State job, however, CaneINsider has learned that he’s not been formerly offered the job yet.

Pittsburgh’s TribLive.com is reporting that “the process for finding Penn State’s 16th head football coach is underway, and it’s not expected to take long.” Golden’s decision is expected to be made public tomorrow and he’s likely taking some time to think tonight to know for sure, what he will say in reply, if offered the job on Friday.

If Al Golden left Miami, here are some names we’ve received as guidance who might garner real consideration:

Charlie Strong – current coach at Louisville and who would be a monster in South Florida recruiting.  Canes fans would welcome his defensive intensity, though his record with the NCAA may not be as welcomed in the current probationary times at Miami.
James Franklin- one of the hottest names mentioned on nearly every major opening in college football.  Franklin’s done wonders at Vandy were people perceive that it’s tough to win.  Thus, he’s a very attractive option.
Rob Chudzinski– It didn’t work out with the Browns, but it was working so well in Miami as an offensive coordinator and what a relief it would be to be welcomed by the entire Cane’s Fam as one of their own.  Chud, as the fans call him, would be a stud hire if selected.
Bobby Petrino– A good coach despite off the field issues.  Not sure Miami would be willing to take the risk.
Ed Orgeron- Another Cane who could garner interest.  Did wonders at USC but if they didn’t see his potential, would Miami?

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  1. I’m hoping Golden doesn’t leave, but if he does I don’t know that Charlie Strong or James Franklin are realistic options. Both are being mentioned as possibilities for other jobs that would pay a lot more and wouldn’t come with some of the same challenges as Miami, mostly the stadium and attendance situation. I think either would be good options to consider, but not sure they would be interested. Chud would be great, assuming he’s open to a college job.

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