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Miami Football: 2014 Hurricane Football Uniforms TBD

As we told you Wednesday night, sources have told CANEINSIDER that the expectations are that the University of Miami football team will most likely have all new uniforms in 2014.

You can read that story here: New Jerseys?

Now we have photo proof that something new may be on the horizon.

2014 Hurricanes Jersey TBD

As you can clearly see in picture taken from the 2014 Nike catalog that is made for retailers to order inventory for next football season, there is no picture of a Miami “Orange Jersey.” We can also confirm there is no picture where Miami’s white jersey is listed as well. According to several people with knowledge of Nike’s catalogs, a “TBD” typically means that a new jersey design is on the way.

CANEINSIDER can also confirm that other schools, such as Arkansas, Florida State, Illinois, and Syracuse are expected to have new jerseys as well.

CANEINSIDER reached out to both Nike and The University of Miami for comment on this story.  We received no response from at least two University of Miami athletic department officials, but we believe if our story was off base the university would have expressed that.

We also reached out to Nike, where Nike spokesman Brian Strong said,” We don’t comment on speculation around future plans with our partner schools.”

If The U were indeed getting new uniforms for 2014, they would most likely not hit the shelves in stores till July 2014.

CANEINSIDER Publisher Brandon Odoi contributed to this story

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