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Al Golden presser

Miami Football: Al Golden on the ACC Teleconference 9 11 13

Here is the transcript from Al’s weekly hit on the ACC Football Coaches’ Teleconference:

Opening Statement: Obviously we are just trying to improve on the things we didn’t do well during the Florida game. Most particularly, pay attention to a lot of the younger guys and get them to compete for starting jobs or get them to the point where they can make an impact for us. The focus this week, is yesterday, today and tomorrow. Those are the three practice days and we’re really just trying to push the team forward with the emphasis being on the young guys.


Q:  (From State of the U) Are there any parallels between the exposure the basketball team got after their big wins and the exposure the football team has got after beating Florida?

Al: We have no idea what’s being said outside these doors. We’re just going back to work. You know we were in here Sunday. Whatever celebration was short lived.  At best I kicked it off, I was here at 6 am. Our trainers came in. Randy Johnson was the first player in about 9:30, and every body else got in. We got a good lift in on Sunday. We watched the tape, and we’re moving forward.  We have a lot of things that we have to fix. And again, I don’t mean any disrespect to the parallels you’re trying to make, I just can’t make them. You can make them. I have no idea what transpired with Jim and with basketball. But relative to us, we’re not talking about anything on the outside, just as we didn’t talk about Florida going into the Florida game. It’s about our process. This week is us versus  complacency. We’re not calling it a bye-week, we’re calling it a process week. We’re trying to get better and we’re trying to compete every day and we’re trying to see if we can find some guys that can stand up and compete for jobs.


Q: (From Tim Reynolds AP) Clive Walford, 15 of his last 16 touches have gone for first downs or touchdowns. How much higher are the expectations of what you want from him now from 12 months ago?

Al: A lot higher. That number suggests that we should be getting him the ball more. He’s getting more mature. We’re going to keep pushing him. He’s been one of the guys that we’ve been pushing the last few days to get his timing down, to run everything full speed so Stephen knows exactly where he is and to really turn the corner and play faster. It’s ironic that you mention him Tim. I think you have your pulse on the team. He’s a guy that we have to get involved more, for sure, especially on third down.


Q: (Matt Porter Palm Beach Post) Have you seen enough of Curtis Porter in the first two weeks, that he is healthy, that he is productive, that he can be that two-gap guy?

Al: He’s doing a great job. How can you under estimate the impact that he’s had on our defense right now, and it’s not just  his size, it’s everything. It’s his approach right now. It’s the way he’s finishing plays. The arm violence. He’s turning and running to the ball. He’s in better condition. And he’s been fun to coach. He’s really matured and he’s staying healthy. He’s made a great difference on our team.  He’s being a great team mate right now, and doing all the little things right, which is awesome.

Q: (Matt Porter Palm Beach Post) Asking about defensive front rotation


Al: The irony there is that only Chick got up to about 71 reps, only because we didn’t think Kamalu was ready for that . Now this is a big week for Kamalu. This is a big week for Jelani Hamilton. Those guys got to step up and mature. They weren’t quite ready for that. The interesting thing there is that all the other guys didn’t get out of the 40’s (number of plays). Renfrow, and Porter and Olsen Pierre, all of those guys, Luther, didn’t get out of the 40’s which kept us fresh. Everybody had a role that they executed. That was a big difference in the game. We refused to get worn down and we rotated. Hopefully that rotation will get stronger here, not weaker, as we bring along Kamalu, Hamilton, Earl Moore and all those other guys that we’re working this week. We really need those guys to grow up and step up this week.


Q: (Susan Miami Herald) I’m wondering about Dorsett. In the first two games, it looked like he had his signals crossed with Stephen when the ball was intended to him, and his back was to the play. Is this the product of a new offense. Can you talk about that?

Al: They were just disconnected a couple of times. That’s really just it. It’s not a function of anything. We all have to improve, starting with me. We’re doing that. Today and Yesterday we worked very hard on a lot of different things, most particularly on our third downs. I think Stephen’s balance is excellent   right now. He’s throwing the ball really well. He has a lot of continuity with our receivers. We’re pushing Stacy and Malcolm and we’re trying to get more productions out of the tight ends. It’s been a real productive two days, but it’s not a new offense, it’s not Stephen, it’s not Phillip, it’s the totality of the way the game unfolded. Again, we’d all like to have better production on third down against FAU. But we did amass 500 yards of total offenses an 300 yards rushing. This past game, obviously all the game plans went out the window.  We did not run the ball as well as we wanted to and we did not convert as well as we wanted to on third down. And we have some miscues. That’s it. It’s over. Excellent opponent. Glad we won. We won as a team and now we have to move forward.

Q: (Susan Miami Herald) On recruiting this week…during a bye week


Al: If this was decision time, than timing is important. In other words, if a kid was going to make a decision after the Florida game, than that would be favorable to us. We’re in a bye week and we’ve practiced really hard the last two days and we are going to practice hard tomorrow. We’re going to get our coaches on the road Thursday and Friday. We’re going to go to places further away because we don’t have a game this weekend. When we go to USF we’ll do the Tampa and Orlando area, and maybe a little bit of Fort Myers and the West Coast.  And then when we are back home we’ll hit the local places. There’s a little strategy involved just because we have to go to the further away places this week because of when it falls on the calendar.


Q: (The Beast CaneInsider) How did the offensive line grade out after the Florida game?


Al:  Again. It’s one of those deals. I don’t know how to explain it Beast. You practice as a south paw during training camp and then you get into a game like that and you are just slugging away. You’re a jab guy…it was just one of those deals. We were just fighting, scratching, and clawing, doing whatever we needed to do. There are certainly things that we need to get fixed. We know that. We have to be able to run the ball better than that. That’s not just on the oline, it’s on every body, starting with me. There’s some things that we looked at, where we are exposed, that we need to get corrected. We’ll get that fixed and there are some other things that we can do moving forward and that we will do. It was a slug fest for sure. I’m proud of the way the guys fought. It wasn’t pretty. Certainly there is a lot of room to improve this week and they know that.


Q: (Beast Caneinsider) Did you think the pass protection was better than the run blocking?

Al: Yes. Correct.


End of call




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